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The Rise, Fall, and Rebirth of the New York Stock Exchange

The New York Stock Exchange isn’t just the biggest stock exchange in the world — it’s the greatest. There’s no better place to learn about trading in financial markets than in the yelling, screaming pit. In this talk, Kenny walks through the rise, fall, and rebirth of Wall Street’s most iconic institution. Equity Market Structure Today: How to Keep Pace with Technology During the past decade, trading has become fast, simple, and cheap. And volume has exploded. But at the same time, the market has become fragmented, more volatile, and less liquid. In this talk, Kenny discusses what we’re learning about how regulation can keep pace with technology and why it can help the market better serve its purpose — to give people the confidence to invest. How The Market Works: Inside the Action and Through the Maze You’re invested in the stock market. But market structure has evolved dramatically the past decade. In this talk, Kenny brings you inside the action to show you how it all works today and how stock traders represent your money in a fragmented world. Trading is both simpler and more complex than ever before. It’s faster and cheaper, but also poses big questions for risk management. Kenny gives this talk to give investors a renewed sense of confidence, especially in the face of economic uncertainty.


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